Training and Confidence Workshops

Do you have hostile action or terrorism policies and procedures embedded in your Health and Safety and do you understand the content?

You pick up the phone and it’s a bomb threat, do you know what to do and how to respond?

Do you have documented lockdown procedures, are they tested and understood?

Where in your building is the safest area to shelter in place during an active shooter engagement?

What is the difference between cover and concealment and why does it matter?


Intuition, gut instinct, if it just doesn’t look or feel right, having the confidence to speak out is important.

These are just some of the questions that training will answer, providing greater confidence for you and your staff to respond appropriately when you need to.

If you are responsible for managing safety around shopping malls, high rise buildings, critical infrastructure public spaces or any area of mass gatherings, you will benefit from the awareness and confidence that training will provide.

The Hostile Action Workshop covers among other subjects, active shooter, sniper, hostage taking, IED’s, bomb threats, biological threats, chemical threats, improvised weapons, and hostile vehicle movements.

Knowing what to look for before an attack, how to respond during an attack, and how to react when the authorities arrive on scene saves lives.

Quite simply there is no one that won’t benefit from heightened awareness and a greater understanding around hostile threats.

If you’re unsure of what to do or how you would respond, the workshop will give you insight on what to expect, allowing you to be better prepared. Providing tools and knowledge giving you the assurance you are doing everything you can to keep your environment and people as safe as possible.

If your organisation requires you to conduct risk assessments or take charge during hostile situations, you will benefit from knowing what to look for and how to respond to threats.

If you are an individual wishing to increase your knowledge of terrorism, you will benefit from attending.

It is also an excellent medium for any entity wishing to bring all of their front line staff up to a high level of uniform understanding and appropriate response.

Workshops are tailored to specific organisational perimeters ranging from mild to extreme.

Training and Confidence Information PDF, workshop content is adjusted to meet client needs.

Please contact us for further details.