Section 646

S646 is a consultancy specialising in assessing, mitigating and monitoring operational risk, threats to business operations, security breaches and harm. We offer a range of services, training and response strategies to counter any scenario from aggressive people, drug induced violence to acts of terrorism.

Resilience, recovery and future planning are key components of our work, ensuring the least disruption to normal operations should the worst case scenario occur.

Our services cover crowded spaces, mass gatherings, festivals, events, public spaces, high rise buildings, shopping malls and critical infrastructure.  Anywhere you have a concern we can help.

Our primary goal in operating within this space is to continually raise the bar on operational safety globally by offering a range of counter-threat services and solutions.

A goal we are passionate and committed to achieving by providing pragmatic solutions to real-world problems.

Our services and operations dovetail into our ‘routine’ risk entity, Safety Set Consulting, folding back into country of origin safety legislation to ensure full and total cover is provided.

S646 is available to go anywhere at anytime to assist your needs.


Section 646 is owned and managed by Warwick Hall, Warwick has a strong analytical and systems background gained from time in both the New Zealand Military and Police.

He is a skilled investigator; complimented with formal training in problem solving, negotiation, facilitation, mediation and conflict resolution.

With this background, and seventeen years’ experience working in New Zealand and around the world, he offers a practical common sense approach to combating risks  and achieving a safer environment.

Warwick’s formal qualifications include:

  • Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Management
  • Diploma in New Zealand Policing
  • Lead Auditor of Safety Management Systems
  • Certified Festival and Event Executive
  • Certified trainer and assessor – medical and industrial
  • Terrorism Studies, St Andrews University (in train)

Warwick is one of four private consultants to be assessed as a subject matter expert in counter threat operations and is a member of the New Zealand Police Crowded Places Advisory Group.

During his time in the military he achieved several awards, while with the police he was commended for high level investigations and received a citation for bravery with respect to covert field operations. It is this work ethos that he brings to your organisation.

If you want to harden your organisation, infrastructure or resources from hostile action, terrorism, or install confidence in staff to better deal with an attack before, during and after, you have come to the right place.

Contact us to discuss how we can collaboratively achieve your goals of proactively providing a safer environment.


S646 offers counter-threat services in the interest of encouraging and increasing safety. S646 does not represent or certify in any way the actual safety of any venue or infrastructure and assumes no responsibility as to the safety of any person. – Counter Threat